Marauders of the Rift

Good, Evening.

Glad to see Spartan Games is giving more love to Firestorm Armada.

Not only have they just released the new 2nd hardback Core Rulebook, but now another book to be released by the end of August.

With the introduction of 6 new factions, what is not to like 🙂

From their Website:

Marauders of the Rift

Marauders, pirates, raiders, corsairs, call them what you will, the full-colour Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide delivers to you page-after-page of thrilling information to take your space combat games to a new level. Six new factions are introduced, including the audacious Oroshan Imperium, along with statistics for numerous space vehicles, mercenary fleets, new in-game mechanics, a full campaign background and tabletop scenarios for you to game.

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