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Middara is a new Kickstarter board game project from Succubus Publishing. The game is described as a choose-your-own style adventure miniatures board game and allows 1 – 5 players to partake in an adventure where the decisions you make play a significant part in determining the outcome of the game. The Kickstarter project has already reached its funding goal and is well on its way to reach all the stretch goals.


A 1-5 player cooperative story telling board game with unique miniatures and a modern flair.

Middara is all about story and as such comes with a massive amount of content to play through, although the beautiful looking miniatures doesn’t hurt either ;). The base game is stated to have over 20 hours of narrative content, with more unlock-able through the stretch goals. Here is a quick summary of the game play features.

Game Play Features

  • Fifth player variant – a fully integrated rule set that allows a player to control all of the antagonists in the game.
  • Stand alone scenarios for when you aren’t playing with your campaign group, or even when you are!
  • Over 110 unique abilities and 111 unique pieces of equipment.
  • Campaign character progression via a point-buy system allowing players to ditch traditional classes, and instead focus on building the character they want to play.
  • A.I. controlled monsters, NPCs, challenges, traps, and other narrative driven obstacles.
  • Over 30 modular map tiles representing different locations in the world, such as magical forests, caves, swamps and even an airship!
  • Unique dice-based success system, featuring multiple dice that players can upgrade throughout the campaign.
  • Narrative driven campaign that contains over 20 hours of content.

Here is a quick breakdown of everything included for the $100 pledge.

Middara Pledge Info

Middara Pledge Info

Now for a closer look at those gorgeous miniatures. Most of the miniatures in Middara are at a 32mm scale.

Middara - Remi & Zeke

Middara – Remi & Zeke

Middara - Animate & Living Oblation

Middara – Animate & Living Oblation

Middara - Blighted Guardian & Water Loa

Middara – Blighted Guardian & Water Loa

Middara - Rook & Nightingale

Middara – Rook & Nightingale

Middara - Shadowlord and Gatekeeper

Middara – Shadowlord and Gatekeeper

Middara - Tortured Immortal

Middara – Tortured Immortal

Want more? You can check out some of the artwork for the game here.

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