Need Bits!

I need you help guys

As you are aware I will be rocking 40k nationals next weekend (you should be too). Unfortunately I am lacking some very specific bits which I need to convert my dreadnought, I dont want to loose the 2 tournie pts for not being WYSIWYG!

Im sure you all know what my current dread looks like, I need to make another one like it which means I need 4 autocannons or 2 twin-linked autocannons. I dont really care if it looks crappy, I just want my 2pts. So if you have autocannons lying around (im looking at you IG players) please let me know ASAP, I do intend to pay you for them obviously. Time is a factor since I need to have completed the conversion by next weekend. The arms on the dread dont need to be matching, so if you have even a single autocannon let me know

Most obvious ones you might have lying around:

autocannons from IG heavy weapon teams

twin-linked autocannon from the leman russ kit (you use it to make the turret for the executioner variant, its rubbish, you wont need it)


Thanks guys, remember a friend in need is a friend indeed


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