New GW Citadel Paints Reviewed

The hatred seems to be growing towards the new range of paints from GW.

All comments are the opinion of the individuals doing the reviews. I do not take these as gospel, although the reviewers clearly know what they are talking about by just looking at their painting reviews.

I have not tried the new paints myself. If I find that the difference is to great, well, there are plenty of other brands to choose from. The Vallejo colours are locally available, so no problem there…


Stahly’s Tale of Painters:



I personally fail to see why a company who has created a product dependent on painting, would fuck up their bread-and-butter?

Hopefully the change will not be to big…

If all else fails, the original range of GW paints from the 80-90’s are still available. These apparently go by the name of Coat d’arms. Cannot vouch for the validity, but they have an impressive range of colours:

Coat d’arms:

GW Citadel Paints:

Acrylicos Vallejo:

The Army Painter – War Paints:

P3 Paints:

Reaper Paints:

Happy painting!


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