New Stormcast Eternals Battalion, The Host Azyric Now Available

GW has a new bundle, The Host Azyric up for order this week. It comes with a battalion warscroll that allows you to swiftly deploy your forces to the battlefield and even bring back defeated troops onto the battlefield.

The Host Asyric Battalion

The Host Asyric Battalion

This bundle contains 51 miniatures and will set you back £491. Here’s what you get:

  • 1x Celestant-Prime
  • 1x Knight-Azyros
  • 1x Knight-Vexilor
  • 1x Knight-Heraldor
  • 1x Knight-Venator
  • 1x Set of Retributors
  • 2x Set of Judicators
  • 3x Set of Liberators
  • 4x Set Prosecutors

You can order it here and download the warscroll here.

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