New Tau Terrain – The Tidewall Rampart!

Along side the miniature releases the Tau also get a new terrain/building kit – the Tau Tidewall Rampart. This fortification serves as a great forward point and comes with a it’s own fire power in the form of a twin-linked railgun and drones. If you play Tau then this new kit should be a definite addition to your collection. The pieces that make up the Rampart are now also available as individual kits, you can check them out here.

Tide Wall Rampart

Tide Wall Rampart


Tidewall Rampart

The Rampart has a Tidewall Gunrig with a twin-linked railgun and a Droneport. You get 4 drones that can be build as gun, marker or shield drones. The kit also has two Tidewall Shieldlines and Include rules for using it in Warhammer 40,000.

It costs £95 and you can order it here. I think this kit looks amazing and really like the Shieldlines. More images below:

Tide Wall Rampart 2 Tide Wall Rampart 3 Tide Wall Rampart 4 Tide Wall Rampart 5

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