New Vampire Counts…Oh my Lord!!!


Happy Holiday everyone.

With the previous release of Ogres, Games Workshop proved yet again they are superior when it comes to models.

Oh my f#ck, if that is anything to go by, then feast your eyes on these!!!

Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts is to be released on Saturday, January 14th.

Thanks to ZAlpha & Warseer, Dark Future Gaming and HERO’s Gaming Blog.


PS. GW has finally sculpted new plastic Undead Horses. A new era awaits…

Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts + Warhammer Battle Magic: Vampire Counts

Coven Throne (dual plastic kit – Mortis Engine)

Mortis Engine

Vargheists (dual plastic kit – Crypt Horrors)

Crypt Horrors

Black Knights (dual plastic kit – Hexwraiths)


Wight King (plastic kit)

Krell, Lord of Undeath & Isabella Von Carstein (both Finecast) + Von Carstein Upgrade Kit

Judging by what we see here, praise be to GW for what will surely be a fantastic year!

Happy-Happy 🙂

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