New Wolf Model rumour…


An interesting rumour on Warseer with regards to new wolf model for both systems.

There has been talk of new Goblin Wolf Riders for some time and the same can be said for the Space Wolves and their canine friends.

Posted by phantomtie:

New Wolf model coming. Not sure if this is news or if it’s already come up before but one of the Forgeworld guys let it slip to me that they won’t be doing wolves with the new hobgoblins because they will be using new plastic ones from GW.

One kit will build 5 wolves I think thats bad for O&G because I think they get 8 in a box now but the wolves sound cool and they are apparently big enough for a space marine.

I don’t play 40k so I don’t care but I think that makes them bigger then the current wolf.

Please follow link to follow the thread.

Thanks to Faeit212 and Warseer.

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