New Year’s Open Day at Warhammer World 2019

Warhammer World recently open their doors to tabletop gamers from all over the world for Open Day. This is a great event for seeing what Games Workshop has planned for coming months. This one didn’t disappoint – here’s what got revealed.

Bloodbowl saw goblins finally getting some miniatures for all their contraptions, as well as a new troll. Nurgle teams got to see the the foetid Rotspawn in all it’s glory.

BloodBowl Goblin Contraptions BloodBowl Troll
BloodBowl Foetid Rotspawn


Lord of the Rings got a new Three Hunters pack revealed, which contains new plastic scultps for Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn.

LOTR Three Hunters

Carrion Empire is a new 2 player starter set for Age of Sigmar in which the Skaven take on the Flesh-eater Courts. This set comes with 2 new exclusive models – the Abhorrant Archregent and the Warlock Bombardier.

Carrion Empire Starter Carrion Empire Abhorrant Archregent Carrion Empire Warlock Bombardier

Killteam wil be getting a new expansion called Arena! Think Killteam made more competitive with rules for fighting in ultra-close confines. There also two new starters, Starn’s Disciples and Theta-7 Acquisitus, for Genestealer Cults and Skitarii, which each come with a new character miniature.

Kill Team Arena Box Kill Team Arena Game KillTeam Starns Disciples Character KillTeam Theta Aquistus Tech priest

Genestealer cults got 4 new character reveals, which promises to open up game play options for your cult.

Cult Clamavus Cult Locus Cult Magus Cult Sanctus

Ambots got revealed as a new plastic kit for Necromunda.

Necromunda AmbotsBlackstone Fortress is getting it’s first expansion, featuring an Ambull.


Blackstone Fortress Ambull

And last but not least a new Chaos Space Marine miniature, all the money on it being a sorcerer got revealed.

Chaos Sorcerer Reveal

If you want more then check out the Warhammer community post for all the details.

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