Operation: Kaldstrøm Battle Pack Revealed

Corvus Belli has revealed a new 2 player starter set, Operation: Kaldstrøm. The box set contains 14 miniatures, for Yu-Jing and PanOceania – but what makes this set special is the release of a CodeOne ruleset which is aimed at new comers to the game. As always the miniatures are amazing and I believe most people who collect these two factions will be get the box for new sculpts.
operation kaldstrom box set

The set will contain everything you need to get going with Infinity. Terrain, dice and the rule set. Lets take a closer look at the awesome miniatures!
operation kaldstrom pan oceania

operation kaldstrom Yu Jing

operation kaldstrom knight

operation kaldstrom cloaked

operation kaldstrom dao fei

operation kaldstrom Jujak

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