Possible cover art for new Necron Codex?


As alluded to by Natfka, Necron art was taken from a local German GW newsletter on Necron release, first posted on Brueckenkopf website.

The newsletter also confirms 4 new plastic box sets, 4 Finecast characters and one new Finecast box.

He also follows by stating that the artwork should not be taken as gospel. The art should be treated as a rumour until confirmed.

Games Workshop will be uploading the pre-orders next week.

Lets hope all the sneak peeks provided by Beasts of War of new Necrons will not have to much of a negative impact on existing retailers?

I am referring to the articles found on Blood of Kittens and Spikey Bits.

Thanks to the Abnormal Gamer for the info and links.




Thanks to Natfka & Faeit212.

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