Punkapocalyptic Takes to IndieGoGo

Punkapocalyptic banner for IndieGoGo campaign


Punkapocalyptic is a tabletop skirmish game by Bad Roll Games. They’ve been working on the game for more than a year and already have two factions with miniatures available – Gangers and Mutards. Their IndieGoGo campaign is aimed at getting the 3rd faction, Junkers fast tracked into production. Pledges range from single miniatures right up to multiple faction starters. The campaign is off to a good start and is 63% funded with 28 days to go.

***Update 19/05/2015***

The campaign has now reached 103% funded with 2 weeks to go. Congratulations to Bad Roll games and happy pledging to reach some of the stretch goals.


“Basically our game is a fast-paced skirmish showdown between rival gangs, played with 5 to 10 30 mm scale miniatures in a post-apocalyptic, barren and desolate environment known as the Wasteland.”

Punkapocalyptic - Junkers Concept Art

Punkapocalyptic – Junkers Concept Art

Here is a couple of photos showing some of their completed miniatures. I do like the detail on these, they are of a much higher quality than the normal board game sculpts we so so many of these days.

Punkapocalyptic Miniatures

Punkapocalyptic Miniatures

Punkapocalyptic Gang

Punkapocalyptic Gang

You can check out theĀ Bad Roll Games Website, where you will also be able to download the rules and gang sheets for free. The site also contains more information on theĀ setting, some short stories, and miniature galleries. Check ’em out!

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