Scythe Board Game on Kickstarter

Scythe is a new 1 – 5 player board game currently on Kickstarter. The game has been designed by Jamey Stegmaier (Viticulture & Euphoria) and has been based on the Jakub Rozalski’s art. It already smashed it’s funding goal. Check out the Kickstarter video below.

Create an empire with monstrous mechs and industrious workers in this alternate-history, 115-minute board game for 1-5 competitors.

Scythe Board Game

Scythe is set in an early 1920’s Eastern Europe and follows an alternate history. 5 factions compete for an area of land surrounding a mysterious factory. The game mechanics include exploring, expanding, exploiting and exterminating actions. Pledges start at $59 and you can do so here. It quite like the art on the game and it seems to have a lot of depth and should give players a lot of choices in a game. Here’s what you get when you pledge:

scythe-in the box

Mech Miniatures - Scythe

Mech Miniatures – Scythe

Player Miniatures - Scythe

Player Miniatures – Scythe

Game board - Scythe

Game board – Scythe

Game Play Video

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