Six New Firestorm Armada Destroyers


From their Website:

The escalation of conflict in the Storm Zone has brought the Destroyer class ship for each faction into the fray. Their cruiser sized hulls are deceptive, as these vessels pack a punch far greater than their compact profiles may imply. Destroyers are a sniper style of vessel, boasting the ability to pump out powerful salvos at longer ranges. They do, however, lack the staying power of a frontline battle craft, leading them to operate in pairs for maximum effectiveness.

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Terran Alliance – Artemis Class Destroyer

Dindrenzi Federation – Trident Class Destroyer

The Directorate – Nemesis Class Destroyer

Aquan Prime – Stingray Class Destroyer

The Relthoza – Venom Class Destroyer

Sorylian Collective – Kestros Class Destroyer


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