Skarbrand is Back!

This week Skarbrand makes a come back in the form of a new model. Once one of Khorne’s most favoured champions, his ambition led him to a ruinous fall. By challenging Khorne he sealed his own fate and as a result he now exists in this diminished form. Check out the video below for a good look at this kit.





Skarbrand is armed with twin axes, named Carnage and Slaughter. He now has has shredded and torn wings and his face bears the wrath of Khorne. The kit costs £80 and can be ordered here. You can grab his warscroll here. On the tabletop Skarbrand becomes more powerful as he takes damage. His anger fuels his abilities and at incandescent level he will be hard to stop. More images below.

Skarbrand - Face Close-up

Skarbrand – Face Close-up

Skarbrand - Side View

Skarbrand – Side View

Skarbrand - Rear View

Skarbrand – Rear View

Skarbrand - Details Close-up

Skarbrand – Details Close-up

Skarbrand - Carnage and Slaughter Close-up

Skarbrand – Carnage and Slaughter Close-up

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