Another great entry from Spartan Games. This time a fuck-off big floating prison dreadnought!


From their Website:

The justice systems of the more settled parts of the Terran Alliance no longer practice capital punishment as a rule, even for the most heinous crimes. However, this is not out of some altruistic belief that nobody is completely beyond redemption. The Alliance government realized a long time ago that convicts were a plentiful source of labour for large projects, especially hazardous ones.

Every few years, worlds of the Terran Alliance are visited by one of the many transportation flotillas of the Terran Satellite Charter Penal Transit Authority (TSCPTA). The flotillas take away the worst inmates of the world’s prison systems, depositing them aboard huge maximum security transports.

These massive vessels are known officially as Roving Penal and Correctional Colony Ships, or ‘R-Pax’. Their crews and passengers know them as ‘dump-ships’ – scooping up the refuse of humanity and discarding it upon wild and faraway worlds.

Supermax-89 – Reformer Class Dreadnought

According to Spartan Games, Supermax-89 is one of the factions that will be appearing in the upcoming Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide.


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