Tau vs IG – 1650 pts – 10 Feb 2011

Mission : Capture and control.

Deployment: Table quarters.

Tau deployed first and bunkered in a tall building. With their objective under 3 XV88’s on the top level. IG’s objective was in the corner protected by an infantry squad. The first turn for the tau was to be the only turn the Vendetta would see, even though it survived 3 railgun shots (triple 1 damage dice), a missile would do better. The IG’s first turn was unimpressive. Six pie templates and some heavy weapons immobilized one empty transport and a lucky scatter from a battle cannon took out the tau leader. The railguns started to perform in the second turn and crippled a Leman Russ and destroyed a chimera. A squad of fire warriors did the same to another chimera and an infantry squad saw the square end of pulse rifles and two sniper teams. IG’s second turn saw the all the pies take out two sniper drones. Taus 3rd turn was the end of the Russ and two more Chimeraes. IG turn 3 crippled a squad of fire warriors and their transport. Turn 4 and another chimera and two squads were gunned down by the Tau. Bassalisk fired directly and started to earn their keep by shooting the fire warriors under the objective down to one stubborn soldier. Melta squad shot some battle suits too. Last turn saw another chimera and a bassalisk leaving the game. The other bassalisk decided that the earthshaker was overrated and no longer required. In the IG turn, two melta squads (now on foot) tried to get in range of anything but it was unfruitful. The manticore and bassie’s bolter were also too far to contribute.

The tau outgunned the guard, well done Adolf. The official result was a draw as neither could get to the others objectives, but by turn five the IG were out of tanks and the tau had 6 spotless XV88’s…

– Chris

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