Tau vs Orks – 1650pts – 3rd Feb 2011

Ghaz’s Wild Boys had just returned from the Regional Galaxy and were looking for a new fight.

Fortunately some Tau(Adolph) came along and obliged!

This not quite a fully fledged battle report, more like a quick summary of what happened…


Luck was with Ghaz, as he was able to surprise the Tau and get the first move.

The Orks charged forward… The Tau shot, alot…  With only the weak trukk merely falling apart where it stood, spitting out Ghaz and his chronies right in front of the Tau commander and his chronies.

Unfortunately the Tau threw LOTS of 1’s (Rijn’s cursed Skaven die).  Hence many of the Orks were still standing of turn 1.

Ghaz was eager to get into the fight and declared a WAAAGGHHH!  This promptly lead to the demise of the Tau boss and some floating thing that killed more with it’s flesh eating thing’s than all the last turn’s shooting.

Most of the battle, was the Orks taking flak from the billions of Tau guns and then the Orks charging in a crushing them.

If it were not for some very unlucky rolling from the Adolph, most of my forces would have been cooked before even reaching the other side of the battlefield :-P.

In the end it come down to turn 6, with resulted in a 7-9 win for the Orks.  There were just so many Tau to kill, we could not resist!

Thanks for the awesome game Adolph.  I think it was a real learning curve on both sides, and I look forward to many more hard fought battles…

PS Congrats on killing Ghaz, I shall avenge him 🙂

Our Score

2 thoughts on “Tau vs Orks – 1650pts – 3rd Feb 2011”

  1. hharbingers says:

    Good job Mr. Denton. Really like the summary – lets try to keep this up for all the matches! Congrats to Ghaz and his green horde, better luck next time Adolph but killing Ghaz definitely gets you at least 2 bonus kill points – so technically a draw – killing him definitely was for the greater good 😛

  2. josh says:

    Well it’s great to hear that Adolf’s game went fairly well considering it was his first time. Thanks for the post Mathew, real nice.

    Trying desperately to figure out how to make my own posts, charl help me

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