Thank You Spartan.

Shit, just when we thought Spartan Games has abandoned all else for Dystopian Wars, they present a pleasantry in the shape of new Firestorm Armada goodies 🙂

A good time to be a follower of the Dindrenzi Federation or Aquan Prime, including releases for the RSN and Ba’Kash.

All of these have been previewed quite some time ago, nice to see an actual release  date of 14 March 2012.

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From the Spartan blog:

Delving Deeper Into The Firestorm Universe

 Firestorm Armada is brimming with a diverse range of fascinating races and factions that stretch further than the Terrans, the Relthoza and the other fleets you may be familiar with. The RSN serve to sow fear in all that oppose them; their new Banshee Class Dreadnought and Bulwark Class Frigates host formidable weaponry and are extremely fearsome in battle. We are also pleased to introduce to you the Ba’Kash race. They are remorseless raiders of supreme skill: just take a look at the unsettling Sharnak Class Cruiser – a menacing ship to say the least.

 Also available to order in advance are some highly-detailed and mightily effective additions to the Dindrenzi Federation and Aquan Prime fleets. The new home world ships take the fleets of these two fearsome races into a new generation filled with terror and even greater dangers. Add these exciting models to your gaming table and discover the brutal destruction they are capable of.

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