The Army Painter Confirms A New Range Of Acrylic Designer Paints

Good, Evening.

The Army Painter has confirmed a new range of acrylic designer paints for wargamers. Expected date March 2012.

The range will comprise of 36 colours “Furthermore, we have studied intently what colours are selling and which ones are not. This has made our range extremely tight at only 36 colours, but this is actually about 90% of what colours are selling out there – you see, you do not need 18 different nuances of brown, 5 will do the job – and thus the Hobbyist can spend his extra hard earned cash on more miniatures…”.

Exciting news indeed. I am a big fan of their Quichshade dip and Battlefields Essentials & XP series.

Here is looking forward to another quality product.

Yes, I can hear the hissing from those aposed to their Quickshade range, fortunately there is something called choice 🙂

Here is campaigning for the end of unpainted miniatures on the tabletop…

Thanks to Tabletopgamingnews.

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From their Website (Newsletter, 07-11-2011):

The last time we told you about how we were testing the colours for our new Warpaints Acrylic Paint range.
Well… we’ve been very busy over the past month and has come down with a whole range of colours, ready for March 2012 – much to the delight of many Army Painter fans.
Not settling for second best, we have engaged 3 different paint suppliers; one for the normal acrylic colours; another for the metallics and a third factory for the Quickshade Inks. Each supplier excels in a different field; thus we end up with the best of the best.
In the photo you can see the pot design (18ml) with the 3 different lids:

white lid: normal acrylic
black lid: metallics
red lid: Quickshade inks

Much more information to follow over the next months.



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