The BIG 2500pt game

Come one and all, read about how I lost miserably.

Ok so Chris and I played a large 2500pt game in preperation for the veterans touranament next weekend, it didn’t go to well for chaos. Sadly I don’t have much time and must get to class so I will just put some of the most important stuff down, maybe if we ask Chris really nicely he will post a nice interesting report.

1. My land raider gets blown up before it moves, shoots, puts the key in the ignition and it was the first time I have ever used it.

2. Demon prince gets killed before hitting anything, at least it moved. He did also take a psychic test but got perils of the warp.

3. Typhus and his bezerker squad gets killed before they hit anything.

4. Second unit of bezerkers dies before killing everything, at this point they have done the best because they managed to hit a tank but unfortunately didn’t do anything to it. They were wiped out next turn.

5. Obliterators did knock out one of 2 things but not nearly enough to justify their 450pts

6. Plague marines did the best but still only took out a handful of guardsmen and a chimera I think

Chris’s plasma squads showed be illegal. There were so many Chimeras my eyes hurt

– Josh

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