The Citadel Mega Paint Set arrives


It is that time of the year again with the release of the Mega Paint Set.

Again GW defies all logic by releasing a “while stocks last” item? WTF!

Anyhow, from their Website:

The Citadel Mega Paint Set includes the full range of 73 Citadel Paints and washes, all in a handy case with which to transport them. The set contains all 47 Citadel Colour paints, 18 Citadel Foundation paints, 8 Citadel Washes and a complete set of 10 Citadel brushes, from the Citadel Fine Detail brush to the Citadel Large Drybrush. A bottle of PVA Glue, a tub of Modelling Sand, and a tub each of Static, Glade and Scorched Grass are also included to base your painted miniatures.

The Citadel Mega Paint Set comes in a silver-grey Citadel Figure Case with custom foam inserts designed to neatly and safely transport all of the kit’s contents. Availability:  This product is available for Advance Order.

According to the Website can be Advanced Ordered from the 21st Oct and ships out on Friday, 28 Oct.

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