The fairly uneventful skirmish of the Stinky Rats and Rotting Zombies…

Right, so it was my first ever game in fantasy…which i will just say… IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Form a very fresh a new play in the Fantasy world, I really like the mechnics of the game.  Makes for some really cool tatical play.  As I had not had much time, I had to make a quick 1000pt list on the fly.  It looked a little someting like this:


Manfred the Acolyte on a Barded Skeletal Steed: *I as unable to resist the 10-year-old in me :-)*

40 Skellies

10 Grave Guard

4 Blood Knights

Skaven: (Will have to ask Rijn to fill details)

Slaves – Too many to count – 30-50?

Group of Plague Monks

2 groups of Clanrats – One with Warlock Engineer and the other with a Warlord

2 Warpfire Throwers 

and of course a DOOMWHEEL *ouch*


The Vamps got the jump on the rats and charged forward into the mass of smelly rodents.  The Skellies charging down the middle and the Grave guard coming around the left flank.  Manfred called upon the little winds of magic available and summoned a band of fresh zombies.

The Rats retaliated with some sneaky manoeuvring preparing themselves for the oncoming wave of undead.  Successful firing saw a few of the rotting corpses fall to the ground…

And then all hell broke loose…  The Skellies charged into the Slaves as if their unlife depended on it.  Wielding spears and shields, they were able to cut a few of the rats down after taking a few wounds of their own.  They were outranked by the rats and has a result, a few more fell…  The Grave Guard charged into the Plague Monks and paid the price.  Despite the superior fighting skill and weapons, the sheer numbers of the rats saw a couple of the Grave Guard to their doom.  Manfred was able to pull off Winds of Undeath, which wiped out 5 rats and saw a potent Spirit host emerge right in front of the Clanrats…

The assaults raged on, with the Skellies holding up all the slaves for the entire battle.  The Doomwheel let its power be felt by taking out two blood knights and a fresh batch of zombies.  The Warlock wounded Manfred with Cracks Call and took out a Blood Knight.  However this was short-lived as they soon regenerated.  The Plague Monks did not take long to wipeout the Grave Guard and began their flanking of the now very thinned out horde.

Manfred and the Blood Knights enjoyed a moment of victory as the Doomwheel crumbled to the ground… But it was too little too late.  The rodent plague had taken this battle.  But the war was far from over.  As the last of the zombies and skellies fell to the rats vicious attacks, Manfred and his Knights disappeared into the distance.  There are plenty of dead waiting to be awoken still…

As the Warlock and the Warlord despatched of the last zombie, they were able to catch a glimpse of the cowardly Manfred, but knew it would only be a matter of time before he returned with more undead…


* Necormancers can cast the same spell more than once in a magic phase, and mutiple times on the same unit! AWESOME!!

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