The Fantasy Four miniatures on Kickstarter

This is a nice and simple Kickstarter by Lewis Collins. The project aims to bring to life 4 miniatures sculpted by Lewis. He aimed for the “old school”  look on these and I do believe he got it right. This set contains the Knight, the Pilgrim, the Guard and the Man-at-arms miniatures.

From the Kickstarter page :

“Welcome everyone, my name is Lewis Collins and this is a small project of four traditionally sculpted miniatures aimed at gamers and painters. the models have been sculpted so that they can be base coated and washed and look great, whilst at the same time providing a lot of enjoyment for painters who want to take them that bit further.

Living in Nottingham means that I’m lucky enough to live down the road from the casting company, which means i get to quality check every cast and oversee the whole process, and being a painter and hobbyist myself i know what type of quality I expect from products, and only the best will do!”

Pledges start at £6 for a miniature or you can get all four for £20. You can pledge here.

I do like these smaller projects as I still believe that Kickstarter was created as a platform to help people realize their ideas and dreams – not as a pre-order site for the big companies 😉 . Support the little guy and help make their projects a reality.  Here’s a closer look at each miniature:

the pilgrim

The Pilgrim

the man at arms

The Man-At-Arms

the knight

The Knight

the guard

The Guard

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