The Lord Inquisitor


An Unofficial Warhammer 40K Animation.

Thanks to Faeit 212 and Erasmus Brosdau.

From their Website:


And still no cool Warhammer animations.

The Philosophy behind this project is to make a short visual tribute to the world of Warhammer 40.000 created by Games Workshop®. This universe they created is that huge, that it is basically not posible to make a movie showing all aspects of the world of the 41st millenium.
However, in today’s time the possibilities for creating more or less photorealistic images and animation with the help of computer power has become more and more easily to access for individuals, that it is possible for a single person to create and visualise a specific vision he/she got in mind.

Because I’m a 3D artist and love reading Warhammer 40.000 books, I decided to create a short animation about this universe and its characters. Of course, this is totally unofficial and non-commercial; it’s just a project from a fan for fans. However, as most people of the W40k world know, it is not allowed to make movies about Warhammer 40.000 – but because this is all completely done in 3D (CGI), it’s an animation and therefore has other legal apsects as declared on the website of Games Workshop:
“We would probably not have a problem with anyone creating animations based upon our intellectual property – as long as there is no commercial connection to that creation. Again, please be careful of the language used and the topics discussed.”

Because of that I consider my project as legal and tolerated by Games Workshop, and hopefully it will stay like that until it is finished.

This short animation and its progress is totally free for everyone to watch, and I don’t want to earn a single cent for making it. This is just my CGI passion I want to share with all fans who love Warhammer 40.000


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