The Skyborne Slayers Are Unleashed!

The Skyborne Slayers battalion is unleashed this week. Able to swiftly strike anywhere on the battlefield and stay in the battle. The Skyborne Slayers is set to annihilate any foe with a targeted strike!

Stormcast Eternals Skyborn Slayers

Stormcast Eternals Skyborn Slayers

The Skyborne Slayers battalion comes with a couple of special rules. For one, models in the battalion never have to take battleshock tests. They also have the option of being deployed anywhere on the tabletop if you chose to not set them up at the start of the battle. So pretty much a more reliable version of deep strike if you know warhammer 40k.

The Skyborne Slayers bundle comes with everything you need to field this battalion and includes:

  • 1x Lord­ Celestant
  • 2x Unit of Liberators
  • 2x Unit of Judicators
  • 1x Unit of Decimators
  • 1x Unit of Protectors
  • Web exclusive rules set

The bundle costs £210 and you can order it here. You can also download the rules here. I’m glad that we are finally seeing some battalions being released as this should add some more options to playing Age of Sigmar. Now we just need all the other forces to get some as well. 😉

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