The Wondrous Homeworlds


Some pics of painted versions of the new Dindrenzi Federation Nausicaa Mk II Battleship and the Zenian Alliance: RSN Banshee Class Dreadnought &  RSN Bulwark Class Frigates and the Ba’Kash Sharnak Class Cruiser!

Included are the new Aquan Prime Barracuda Class Frigates. The painted versions look far more appealing than the unpainted pics 🙂

The new Mk2 ships are simply amazing!

Aquan Prime Charybdis Mk II Class Carrier

Aquan Prime Chironex Mk II Class Cruiser

Sorylian Collective Xiphos Mk II Class Carrier

Terran Alliance Apollo Mk II Class Battleship

Terran Alliance Hermes Mk II Class Cruiser

The Directorate Executioner Mk II Cruiser

The Relthoza Gila Mk II Class Cruiser


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From their blog:

The Homeworld Ships

Written by Spartan Games | Tags: Firestorm Armada

The races that make up the Firestorm Universe have finally unleashed the unrelenting power of their new Homeworld ships. These models give each race a better chance to survive the increasingly dangerous StormZone. No one can afford to be complacent, and so we see ships for all fleets evolve to cope in this turbulent climate. From the compelling Ba’Kash Sharnak Class Cruiser to the fiery Dindrenzi Federation Nausicca Mk II Class Battleship, these ships are truly a sight to behold.

We are pleased to share with you images of the latest Firestorm Armada ships to hit stores. This time, you can see them in all their painted glory!

Dindrenzi Federation Nausicaa Mk II Battleship

Zenian Alliance: RSN Banshee Class Dreadnought

Zenian Alliance: RSN Bulwark Class Frigate

From Left to Right = Zenian League: Ba’Kash Class Cruiser (Open) and Zenian League: Ba’Kash Class Cruiser (Closed)

Aquan Prime Barracuda Class Frigate

Firestorm Armada:


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