This Thursday is Carnage Night (3 March 2011)

Right the rules are simple…

  • Gather 750pts of your force, which must contain at least one HQ and one TROOP choice…
  • Rock up on Thursday with a “kill or be killed” attitude
  • Up to six players on one larger than life table
  • The one standing closest to the dead center of the table wins! (this is of course without pre-measuring where that is 🙂
  • Let the Carnage BEGIN!!!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk…

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6 thoughts on “This Thursday is Carnage Night (3 March 2011)”

  1. joshebarlow says:

    Awesome, you can expect to see my plague marines on Thursday for the carnage

  2. Hill BombeR says:

    And the guardsmen will be there too!

  3. mwdenton says:

    oh goody… some nice crunchy bitz for me boyz to crunk…

  4. Josh says:

    Was a great game guys, ended up pretty much being IG v Orks and Chaos v Orks with a dash in the last turn for the middle between IG and my Chaos. Dam IG got it

  5. Matthew says:


    Right, i think it is about time, that i got off my butt and started changing my list up a bit… But Ghaz is so cool.. like Tik, once you use him, you cant stop :-P…

    GTA – Ghazkull Tharaka Anon

  6. Hill BombeR says:

    Oi orkies,
    bring more of dem kan openers, deez oomies be hiding in tinz..

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