Throw Throw Burrito Review

Throw Throw Burrito is a card game from the creators of Exploding kittens, but it’s also so much more. As is expected the game takes on a pretty fun twist in that it merges dodgeball with playing cards. This makes for a hilarious amount of action around the table.

A dodgeball card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens.

throw throw burrito game
What’s it about?

“Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.”

Yup, as the tagline suggests you’re going to be throwing soft and squishy burritos at your friends. Aim of the game is to make sets of cards to score points as quickly as possible and of course try not to get hit by a flying burrito. Play happens simultaneously, with every player having 5 cards in their hands. The two burritos get placed equally between all the players (everyone should be in reach of one burrito). You get to discard and then draw a card from card piles on the table. Once you have 3 cards of a kind you get to play them in front of you, scoring points as you do so. The normal sets are worth one point, but if you happen to make a set with burrito themed cards you score two points and then there’s an extra step that kicks in.

As soon as a set of burrito cards hit the table a battle ensues which can take the form of a Brawl, War or Duel. As you play the set you have to call the type of cards, signalling to everyone what’s happening next. In a Brawl player to the left and right of the person calling the brawl needs to get a burrito and hit the other. In a war, everyone except the person playing the cards gets to grab a burrito and throw at any person. In a duel the person playing the cards get to choose two players to go into a duel. During a burrito duel, the two nominated players must stand back to back, and then walk three paces, before turning and throwing like a classic duel.

Whenever an eligible person get hits by a burrito they get a burrito bruise token, which is minus 1 point. If you take a burrito when you shouldn’t have then you also get a burrito bruise token. If two players get hit with burritos at the same time then they have to duel it out.  The game round keeps going till all the bruise tokens have been handed out. Then tally scores for sets of cards made and deducting and bruise tokens. Once a winner has been determined hand them the Fear Me badge. The second round then continues in exactly the same way. Once again tally scores and if the person with the Fear Me badge won again then they win. If any other player wins the second round then a duel happens between the person with the Fear Me badge and the second rounds winner to determine the game winner. Pretty simple right? But keep in mind there are now player turns so the drawing and playing of cards just keeps going until someone plays a set of burrito cards. So game play is very frantic, but makes for some awesome encounters.


The games comes with 120 cards, 6 burrito bruise tokens, 1 Fear Me badge, and 2 soft and squishy, not to mention cute foam burritos, which are soft enough to throw at and not injure your friends 😉

throw throw burrito contents

The cards are 63 x 88mm and you’ll need 120 sleeves. The burritos are fairly durable and ours have not taken any damage after plenty of games, but some players have seen the burritos take damage and tear after use. This doesn’t seem to be norm though, but keep in mind that they are soft and best used for throwing at people only 😉

Should you play it?

If you like party games and throwing your friends with stuff, then it’s a definite yes. The game can be very frantic, but the amount of laughs we’ve had as people try to dodge and react to grabbing burritos is truly epic. There is a recommended age of 7+ so don’t be that guy that dominates his children with soft burritos. Or you know if that’s your style… Best to grab some friends and start throwing burritos!

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