Tidewall Counterstrike Cadre Bundle

Check out the Tidewall Counterstrike Cadre formation. The Tau use this formation whenever they run into especially tough resistance. The awesome mobile fire-base serves as a great reminder that it is futile to resist the Greater Good.

Tau Tidewall Counterstrike Cadre

Tau Tidewall Counterstrike Cadre

This formation packs a lot of fire power and would make for a great starting point or addition to any Tau army.  I really like the new Tidewall scenery and this bundle gives you over 40 troops to add some serious fire power to the mobile scenery.

This bundle includes:

  • 1x Pathfinder Team
  • 1x Strike Team
  • 2x Breacher Teams
  • 7x drones
  • 2x DS8 support turrets
  • 2x Tidewall Gunrigs
  • 2x Tidewall Shieldlines
  • 1x Tidewall Droneport

It also includes exclusive rules and is limited to 200 copies. It costs £274 and you can order it here.

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