Veteren’s 40k Tournament this weekend

Hello to my small number of dear readers

This weekend is the veterens tournament which some of us (me) have been waiting for for quite awhile. Basically its a South African take on the Ard Boyz tournament which is a pretty big thing in the US, although sadly GW announced that it will not be bringing it back this year. Doesnt really affect us but its still a little sad.

Anyway, so the tournament is 2500pts and the missions are designed to be overly complex making things very interesting. I went last year and had a great time, im sure we can expect much of the same from this time around.

Come and support us! Its just the right thing to do (its at the Air Scouts Hall by the way).

As far as I understand our little club will be represented by myself, Jack (the older one) and Robert Baldi.

Stay tuned for updates and battle reports. Now i have to go and get my painting done before tomorrow 7am

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