Vote For The New Space Marine Chapter In Eternal Crusade

Update 17/07/2015

Imperial Fists Win Vote

Imperial Fists Win Vote

Congrats to the Imperial Fists!


Voting for the new Space Marine chapter in Eternal Crusade has just started. Founders can choose between Iron Hands, Imperial Fist and Raven Guard. The voting process will run until the 16th of July and you can vote here. Check out the chapter descriptions and some flavour text below.

Iron Hands - Eternal Crusade

Iron Hands – Eternal Crusade

Imperial Fists - Eternal Crusade

Imperial Fists – Eternal Crusade

Raven Guard - Eternal Crusade

Raven Guard – Eternal Crusade

I’m kind of torn between the Imperial Fist and Iron Hands. But my love for all things mechanical( yes, I play Necrons ) has tipped the scales in favour of the Iron Hands. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ cyborg? 😉

Only when by the power of our hate we have truly shed the prison of our own flesh, shall we be judged worthy to stand at the side of the returned Primarch.” – Iron Father Klaanu Johar

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