Warhammer rumours…


Some new rumours gestating from various sources at the moment.

The next three rumoured  Fantasy books: Vampire Counts; Empire and Dwarfs?

Some rumours pointing to the VC being the next book and others pointing to Empire?

As with all rumours, these are obviously not gospel, though some of the rumour-mongers mentioned below come pretty close to the actual releases…?

Below are examples taken from Warseer. Please follow link for complete postings.

Credits for all rumours go to Harry, 75hastings69, ihavetoomuchminis and Mirbeau.

Thanks to Huan Qu’itt.

Vampire Counts rumours

we’ve got Empire rumours thread but several people mentioned VC coming first! so i decided to gather all the tidbits we’ve had so far

Harry already hinted in several threads that it’s VC, Empire and Dwarves next:
Originally Posted by Harry I said : I had VC, Empire and Dwarves in the frame.
ihavetoomuchminis and Hastings heard similar things:
Originally Posted by ihavetoomuchminis And VC come in January. Believe it or not.
Originally Posted by 75hastings69 The WD VC article should be viewed as a stop gap between books, terrorgheist will be in proper print much quicker than some people may imagine
Hastings also mentioned new Krell mini coming:
Originally Posted by 75hastings69 Wait till you see the other new vc stuff new krell anyone?
some time ago flesh golems and black coach appeared in the rumour-mill:
Originally Posted by Harry Yeah but you wouldn’t say no to a plastic black coach and some flesh Golems would you.
Originally Posted by Tonny Ah yes, I think Hastings mentioned the Flesh Golems.
I am quite exited about a new VC book

He did. The concept art for them is very cool. Half way between a big zombie and a ghoul with lots of stitching,

Note : The existence of concept art does not a mini make.
both rumours are confirmed in this thread:
Originally Posted by Harry  
Originally Posted by Huan Qu’itt (unless i’m reading too much into Harry’s comment)
Nope, you are reading fine.
Originally Posted by ihavetoomuchminis It seems that the Black Coach will be a dual kit.
Originally Posted by ihavetoomuchminis About the Monstruous infantry unit, i’ve been told that they are more of Big ghouls than big zombies. Oh, and the models can have something no MI in the game have yet….. maybe something like the terrorgheist, but smaller? Don’t know, just guessing.
and a little tidbit from Mirbeau:
Originally Posted by Mirbeau Not Harry but… rotters, the lot of them. Well, with an exception.
to summarize things:

– VC are next army book to be released (Harry, 75hastings69), in january (ihavetoomuchminis)
– new unit “flesh golems” – something like a mix of large ghoul and zombie with a lot of stitches (Harry, 75hastings69, ihavetoomuchminis)
– new plastic black coach mini (Harry), dual kit (ihavetoomuchminis)
– new krell and female vampire minis (75hastings69)
– and some old rumour concerning new plastic black knights – still waiting to be confirmed

Empire rumours

Credits for all rumours go to Darnok; Birdy; 75hastings69; eldargal.

Thanks to Faet212.

Below are examples taken from Warseer. Please follow link for complete postings.

It seems that even though winter is fast approaching, birds are still singing:
Originally Posted by Birdy So i understand empire will get 4 kits. Knights obviously. 2 character ones (cant properly remember which ones but if you notice the priest of morr rules i would guess WP’s will get a kit). And a new war atlar. The Altar kit will be a dual kit. The second option will be a Nuln seige cannon. Massive cannon used to defend the walls of nuln.
I can’t comment on how solid these are. But it’s not the first – and probably not the last – I’ve heard over the last few weeks. It seems to me like the Empire is not too far away, meaning somewhere in the next six months.

Something more: the knight mentioned are supposedly not replacements of the current knights, but demi-gryph knights. See Warhammer Forge for reference.

Something more from 75hastings69, thanks too:
Empire are not getting updates of current knights, there are different cav coming though. The old crappy horses/knights remain. War altar makes something else, but afaik it’s not a cannon of any kind. 
And another birdy sings:
Originally Posted by Birdy #2 Plastic War alter kit which only makes a war altar, but a war altar that can be either of Morr, Sigmar or Ulric.

New Monstrous Cavalry, possibly Demigriffons, which comes with separate saddles and harnesses, so they can also be used as bound monsters in SOM without conversion.


eldargal: Empire rumours

I heard more Knightly Orders, not just one box of generic knights, plus warrior priests halflings and some characters, including a female. Never heard anything about a war altar/cannon kit, I heard a vague whisper of a war altar/war wagon kit.



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