Wayland Games’ Games Workshop Finecast Review, Part 2


From Wayland Games:

Finecast Update

Our second review was shared with GW but they have not commented on its specific detail nor given us an assurance that there will not be repetition of the fails we have seen, though they have said that other retailers’ experience of returns is the same or fewer than when compared to the Citadel metal range.  Looking forwards, our understanding from GW is that where our sampling identifies flaws they will not continue to take back entire deliveries, a consequence being that if we carry the range we would have to conduct a secondary quality check of every single item, which is a physical and financial impossibility.  Therefore, in terms of a practical solution that we hope should satisfy those customers who are intent on purchasing Finecast, we will offer it for sale but with an ‘advisory’ to the effect that sampling has shown that preparation or remedial work might be required and as such the product is recommended for experienced modellers only.  On this basis, we expect to add  stock during the course of the next week.

To download an abridged version of our second review, please click:


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