Wayland Games updates their stance wrt GW Trade Embargo


From their announcement:

Guys, its Rich the boss here. This message is related to the ROW situation and how long it will take to get something moving.

We know there is lots of frustration out there about the delays, we can only apologise and seek to explain what is going on.

This undertaking is very complicated and as mentioned previously we are about to move warehouses and we don’t have unlimited resources to do all this at once at least not properly. The ROW stock requires significant extra space to be allocated to it and so we cannot list the majority until that space is available be that in the UK or elsewhere :). We had hoped this would be quicker than it has been, but the change of new warehouse very close to the move date impacted these efforts. In a detailed survey we found asbestos in the previous target warehouse and reluctantly had to withdraw. However almost immediately we had an alternate and in fact better location. So we have been focussing on getting that location up and running. The building works we are having done are almost complete but its difficult to say the exact completion and handover date.

            We will try and keep people upto date but until we get the green light that building works are complete at the new Warehouse the clock can’t really start to tick.

However one quick remark we would like to make is that these parallel efforts to supply rest of the world customers in no way breaches any suppliers current trade terms and conditions. We are a legitimate and well respected business and can and will operate within the law and will enthusiastically defend our right to carry out legitimate business in whatever way and means we have available.

This takes significant resources, the Warehouse move and build are costing the average price of a house in the UK, the ROW solution is costing approximately the same, legal advice etc is a significant chunk of funds and we also have to continue to maintain our reserves.

So just to clarify, we are doing it, it will happen as soon as we possibly can but as we are small we need to make sure we do it right and properly first time. Apologies for any false expectations we might have raised, but when it happens you will understand why we took our time.

Also, regarding Finecast we will be making a Finecast statement next week with our update on the situation.

Keep on wargaming!

All the best,


Thanks to Tabletopgamingnews and Wayland Games.


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