White Dwarf #384


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From their Website:

White Dwarf 384

Every issue is packed with exciting articles and features, including: hobby tutorials, stage-by-stage painting guides, a battle report and much more. Plus, you’ll be able to see photos of all the latest Citadel miniatures and read exactly what the Studio designers, writers and artists had in mind for an army

Inside this month’s issue:

Denizens of the Forest Depths: Siegfried Grant ventures deep into the Drakwald Forest to tell tale of the foul denizens that dwell there – the Beastmen and their monstrous ilk.

Unleash the Beasts: We explain how the new Beastmen monsters work on the battlefield, as well as presenting Scrolls of Binding for the Ghorgon, Cygor and Jabberslythe.

Crucible of Flame: We take a fresh look at the Apocalypse Expansion and present six new Apocalypse datasheets for the Dark Eldar, Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle.

Slaughter on Schrödinger VII: Mat Ward presents the first part of a campaign that pitches Imotekh and his Necrons against the Black Templars under the command of High Marshal Helbrecht.

Blood in the Badlands: In the first of three battle reports, Andy Hall battles his arch-rival Kevin Chin in an exciting game of Warhammer siege.

Warmongers: Then the White Dwarf writers take on the designers in a huge Storm of Magic game.

Dragon Hunt: And to round off the battle reports for the month, Dáin Ironfoot gathers his trusty warriors and sets out to slay a Dragon in this The Lord of the Rings battle report.

You’ll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, plus a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local area.




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