White Dwarf #387

New White Dwarf.


Inside this month’s issue:

A Company of Wolves: The Space Wolves Chapter is made of twelve Great Companies. In this article we feature two of the best known – those of Logan Grimnar and Ragnar Blackmane – as well as present new background from Phil Kelly about a lesser-known Wolf Lord.

Devourer of Worlds: The Tyranids are an intergalactic swarm, adapted to consume all life-forms their Hive Fleets encounter. In this article we take a look at some of these Hive Fleets, getting painting insights from ‘Eavy Metal and talking to hobbyists about their own armies.

Painting Workshop: Thunderwolf Cavalry: Steve Bowerman brings his formidable painting skills to bear on the new Thunderwolf kit, painting three mighty Wolf Guard riding their monstrous mounts.

Painting Workshop: Tervigon: Steve Bowerman gets his claws (all four of them) into the new Tervigon kit, and demonstrates how to paint this mighty monster.

The Swarmlord: Codex: Tyranids author Robin Cruddace presents the latest sightings and reported whereabouts of the terrifying alien menace know as the Swarmlord.

Ambush at Amon Sûl: Having evaded the pursuing Nazgûl at Bree, Aragorn and the four intrepid Hobbits seek refuge amid the ruins of Weathertop. Andy Hall and Tom Hutchings join the story to refight the actions as the Ringwraiths launch their ambush
by moonlight.

Slayer Sword Winners Gallery: As the 2012 Golden Demon season draws near, we take a look back at last year’s Slayer Sword winners from across the globe, and marvel at the models that took the most coveted prize in miniature painting.

You’ll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, plus a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local area.

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