White Dwarf October 2012


In the October issue you’ll find:

New Releases – The Chaos Space Marines return with legions of brilliant new miniatures and a new Codex. See what we think of them in the New Releases section, accompanied by exciting new photography. Also, see what’s new from Forge World, licenses games and digital products, and read reviews of the latest releases from Black Library.

Army of the Month – Ben Johnson’s massive Skaven collection goes under the microscope.

Editorial columns – Jervis Johnson, Jeremy Vetock and John Blanche (in Blanchitsu) have their say.

Battle Report – The Chaos Space Marines go up against the White Scars.

The Rivals – Two longtime Warhammer opponents get down and dirty with rules talk.

The Horus Heresy – A massive feature dedicated to this pivotal even from Warhammer 40,000 – including a look at a most astonishing new miniature from Forge World…

Hall of Fame – The best Citadel miniatures celebrated.

Parade Ground – Brilliantly painted units united by a common theme in the spotlight.

Kit Bash – The art of converting. This month: Ork Bommas.

Battleground – Dave Andrews tells us all about the Urdek Refinery battlefield.

Paint Splatter – A cornucopia of painting guides and useful techniques.

This Month In – Behind the scenes with White Dwarf, the Design Studio, Forge World and Black Library.


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