White Dwarf Reboot…


The rumoured changes to WD has now been confirmed for the 22nd of September.

From their Website:


In just over a week’s time the pages of White Dwarf will change forever. Miniatures will be shown in a new light, battle reports will be reborn and new articles will be read for the first time. Even the classic logo that sat at the head of the magazine for the last 20 years will disappear into the Hall of Legends.

On September 22nd 2012, White Dwarf will be reborn; bigger, better and more exciting than ever before.

As news goes, that’s pretty exciting stuff, I think you’ll agree. For the last half-year a crack team of designers have been pulling White Dwarf apart at the seams, re-forging it into something incredibly exciting. Everything is new, nothing’s the same. Even the paper is a higher quality, that’s the degree to which the magazine has changed.

Of course a new magazine needs a new team to work on it and so, without further ado, here’s the new White Dwarf team:

From left to right we have:

Dan Harden (that’s me, just in case you didn’t know) – Staff Writer
Erik Niemz – Photographer
Matthew Hutson – Lead Designer
Beth Beynon-Hughes – Digital Editor
Andrew Kenrick – Deputy Editor
Kris Shield – Designer
Glenn More – Photo Editor
Jes Bickham – Editor
Adam Troke – Senior Staff Writer

The What’s New Today entry on the GW Website is also changing to White Dwarf Daily.

Another big change is the retirement of the beloved White Dwarf Logo 🙁

You will be missed…

Here is looking forward to a fantastic new era of White Dwarf and GW goodness 🙂

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